Monday, December 24, 2012

SEO Metro Revitalizes

SEO-Metro has revitalized and returned to the search scene with a new logo and new architecture to expand the site into an authoratative useful website for search engine optimization knowledge. Focusing on good copywriting, link building and keyword research to help small and medium size businesses increase revenue either through in-house SEO or with Metro's assistance.

The search engines have changed dramatically in the last few years which places SEO companies to provide the highest quality services possible, inlcuding on-page and off-page optimization. Metro will be utilizing relevant blogs, articles, some quality web directories and on-page content to build quality industry sites.

SEO Metro's Texas SEO company will be ready in a few weeks to help small and medium size businesses. Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Firefox's Extension for Spam Reporting

Spam reporting is much easier now with Firefox's Spam Report add on. Several sites were found and reported today. It is easy as two clicks. One spam website even offered web promotion and tried to protect their view source but as it was easily uncovered by Firefox Tidy, it revealed a couple of hundred of hidden keywords. Not what I would call website promotion by any means.

An internet search around a few keywords and SEO Metro easily found other sites that had duplicated pages in their sites with just one major keyword change but hundreds of similar pages. These are sites that one would think the owners would know that such tactics are against most if not all search engine's terms of service. Evidently the webmasters consider the risk worth taking or consider that what they are duplicating is not against terms of service. Regardless, the Spam Reporting extension tool on Firefox is definitely worth having as it takes little effort to know report spam sites.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Facebook Lets Members Go Public

Facebook is allowing members the option of going public by letting search engines crawl the pages if members opt-in. The social network is working to boost numbers and popularity as other social networks are growing at a steady to fast pace; Facebook has grown 62.5% since May from 24 million to 39 million users. Next month Facebook says it will have a search box that will allow people to search for their friends and find their profiles.

I believe the CEO for SEO Metro, Gregory R. Roberts, will just stick to Spock.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chinese Affiliates and U.S. SEO Firms

What begs the question IMO, is the ethical partnership of United States SEO firms with Chinese individuals and/or firms. The question originated with a discussion with a web designer in the northern part of the U.S. discussing how our Dallas SEO firm was hacked and the technique employed which was an underhanded attack, duplicating many pages that were attempted to be concealed within image and graphics folders.

Facts: Our Government is being hacked by the Chinese Authorities and can be referenced from many sources that do NOT need to be mentioned here.

  1. Question? Why are our U.S. Companies allowed to do business with companies inside a threatening country?
  2. Question? How are the U.S. Companies scrutinized and Chinese companies scrutinized before they can do business?
  3. Question? How many of our U.S. businesses been attacked by Communists countries? (There must be statistics, our authorities are not that stupid.)
  4. Question? How many times have our government and private companies been attacked by the Chinese in the last two years?
  5. Question? What is our government doing to protect OUR interests here in the United States?
Our business is under attack and we are not discounting local SEO agencies that are dear to the Chinese and are partnering with communists.

FACT: SEO Metro is not partnering with any Communist Government!

Yahoo Purchases 5th Largest US Ad Network

Blue Lithium, the fifth largest advertising network in the United States, has be acquired by, according to Blue Lithium's home page. The report states the transaction will allow Yahoo the ability to speed up its advertising, product and engineering road map along with allowing better measurements of performance-based campaigns on and off the Yahoo network.

Blue Lithium specializes in targeted-behavioral analysis which lets clients deliver the most effective banner advertising to internet users. The advertising network was purchased for a reported $300 million which is much more buying power than our small Dallas SEO company, although we will soon be buying advertising in the near future.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

SEO Metro Partners with Dallas Bartenders

Dallas SEO firm SEO Metro teams up with Dallas Bartenders for a late move push to drive traffic in for the holiday season. Dallas Bartenders are now offering full catering services in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area 365 days a year. The beverage company is now partnering with a full catering service business to offer beverage services, to box lunches, to full-scale high-end service and food delivery that is offered in-house and on client premises. All food services, menus and alcohol drinks will be available year round and anywhere in Texas that alcohol is allowed.

"Dallas Bartenders are very excited to have the sky open to them as far as food, beverage and service delivery", according to Daniel Levarion who has interest in the business venture.

SEO Metro accepts the challenge as the holiday season is coming quickly and understands that fast moves need to happen in order to have success this fall and winter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yahoo Employs Search Suggestion

Yahoo is about to launch Search Suggest in the UK that assist users when a search query is typed. The US Yahoo search suggestion was launched last July in the United States and the search tool can be turned off by clicking "more" in the upper toolbar and then "Disable Search Suggestions".

I would be curious to see how many people actually use search suggestions as it appears to me to be easier to finish typing the query versus stopping or reading what is coming up beneath the search box and using the mouse or arrow buttons to scroll down and enter the suggested search.